Despite (i)_____ on taking rare tamarins from their habitat, the illegal trade in the tiny monkeys remains (ii)_____.


Although Caroline Gordon was rigorously objective in her journalistic writing, her lively and (i)_____ private correspondence (ii)__...


An effective member of a debating team must focus clearly on the (i) _____ issue and avoid (ii) _____ argument.


The (i)_____ with which merchants and landowners in early-nineteenth-century Maryland and Virginia (ii)_____ Joshua Johnston's profe...


After winning the lottery, John bought sports cars, built a mansion, and wore designer suit; however, by thus (i)_____ his (ii)_____...


In 1575 Venetians instituted an annual celebration to (i)_____the end of the (ii)_____ that has struck the city.


A long-standing theory about the migration of green turtles was (i)_____ by an innovative marine biologist who graciously defused po...


Most pioneers (i)_____ this valley on their journey to the West because its rugged terrain and frequent landslides made it a (ii)___...


Ballads often praise popular figures who have performed feats that many perceive as (i)_____, such as defending the poor or resistin...


The serious purpose of the paper-airplane flying contest, which attracted many novel and sometimes truly (i)_____ entries, was to de...




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    In a production process that is complex and often unpredictable, roles that start out d...

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    Since most if not all learning occurs through , relating one observation to ano...

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    There is some the fact that the author of a book as sensitive and informed as ...

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    Individual freedom of thought should be (i) more absolutely than individual fr...

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    Although legislators on both sides of issues have repeatedly a desire to find ...

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