The 500-page history of astronomy that Agnes Clerke published in 1885 was remarkable for its ___________: the author's breadth of knowledge and her capacity for assembling and collating data were enormous.
The ___________ in seventeenth-century Indian poet Kavindracarya Sarasvati`s writings is reflected in encomia celebrating his accomplishments, for like his work, the encomia were made up of separate collections composed in Sanskrit and Hindi.
There is little question that in primates there is (i) ___________ between monogamous mating partnerships and extensive male care of infants. Nevertheless, that does not mean male care is(ii) ___________ situations in which females mate with more than one male; studies of savanna baboons show that male care certainly can occur in nonmonogamous systems.
Although critics and curators have placed Romare Bearden in any number of contexts-with collage artists, with Black Atlantic artists, among American Abstractionists, or with artists from the Civil Rights era-he (i) ___________ the (ii) ___________ of the conventional art world.
The author argues that (i) ___________ of economic growth data for the African continent as a whole are often (ii) ___________ because they obscure the diversity of growth rates among individual countries.
Current climate models find it exceedingly difficult to simulate the seasonal and regional variability seen in Antarctic sea ice. Most models have (i) ___________, including ones in basic features such as the amount of heat input to the ice from the ocean, and because ice and climate are closely coupled, even (ii) ___________ are (iii) ___________.
As a publisher and a businessman, Guillaume Rouille was ___________: he included a full set of portraits of the Ottoman Sultans in his encyclopedia to cater to the public thirst for information concerning the expanding empire of the Turks.
Jorge Luis Borges suggested that artists who allude to their artistic influences in their own work, in effect ___________ their own precursors: we see past works differently once they are incorporated into later works.
Animal ___________ may have originated from slow changes in Earth`s orbit thousands of years ago: as the orbit changed, less rain fell and food sources became scarce, forcing humans to herd animals for sustenance.
Over the past century, brain research has made tremendous strides, but the field is ___________: it lacks a unified theory that explains the whole.
While Zora Neale Hurston never avowed an affiliation with surrealism, an artistic movement celebrating the unconscious mind`s creative power, French surrealist Guy Ducornet's citing her as an inspiration seems quite ___________ given Hurston' s intensely imaginative work.
Saturn's rings seem ___________, but it now appears that several decades ago, the shape of the innermost rings was altered by a mysterious event that all our telescopes and spacecraft failed to detect.
It is possible that the earliest terrestrial plants were (i) ___________ natural enemies, such as herbivores. By the mid-Carboniferous period, however, there was abundant evidence-in the form of fossil leaves with signs of bite marks-that plants were (ii) ___________ animal attack.
Although Kito Hiroshi's portrait of Edo Japan as (i) ___________ is certainly (ii) ___________, the fundamental factors of population stability and resource renewal generally did favor social maintenance and even economic growth.
While catalogs of record labels that specialize in Native American music are useful indices of Native American consumers' preferences, their (i) ___________ are also (ii) ___________ : some genres of Native American music have been deemed inappropriate to record because of their special cultural significance.
The general statement that all objects are (i) ___________ by gravity (ii) ___________ is not (iii) ___________. In reality, if a feather and a lump of iron were dropped at the same time from the same place, we should not expect them to hit the floor at the same time. In order to reconcile the general statement with real-world phenomena, we must take into consideration all of the forces that act upon objects.
The economist noted that the occupations she analyzed in her study, which included waitresses, flight attendants, clerical workers and domestic workers, ___________ categorization: none can be captured by a single distinguishing characteristic.
On stage, jazz artist James Carter often veers dangerously close to the ___________ : he becomes a man possessed, his tenor saxophone wailing and whimpering with a musicality so muscular it threatens to consume him.
Wheelan proceeds from the assumption that statistics are ___________, and, consequently, can be taught with minimal intimidation through examples.
Nicolaus Copernicus was much less ___________ than commonly thought: he wanted to improve the cosmological theory of his day by introducing one important change while preserving as many of its conceptual foundations as possible.


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