The public only had so much patience with Newman: his (i)_____ the government`s supposed ineptitude had become so frequent that even his most (ii)_____ supporters soon began to shift the dial on their radios.
Despite protestations to the contrary, Peyermessen had clearly (i)_____ complete sections of text from works that, while (ii)_____, were not unknown to specialists in the field, who accused him of plagiarism.
With numerous exciting public works projects in the offing, residents are understandably (i)_____ ; yet because such prodigious undertakings are inevitably plagued with numerous setbacks, much of the fervor is likely to be (ii)_____ a heavy dose of reality.
Lacking the (i)_____ of Martha Argerich, Mitsuko Uchida, in her piano recitals, is (ii)_____, looking up calmly to the heavens as her fingers glide across the keys.
The (i)_____ common in the earlier days of the regime gave way to a (ii)_____ time, during which few recalled the former pandemonium with anything more than a hint of nostalgia.
The latest biography on J. R. Oppenheimer, in attempting to dispel the pervasive notion that he was a(n) ?(i)_____, only (ii)_____ such a view: seemingly every one of Oppenheimer`s quirks is related with gleeful fondness.
Because even his (i)_____ would be loath to consider his novels ?(ii)_____, either the reviewer of his latest work has been ethically compromised, or the author has actually plotted what can, in all positive senses of the word, be described as a thriller.
No less (i)_____ than his predecessor, the new prime minister already faced opposition from those who charged that he refused to (ii)_____ even on trifling issues.
The critics were so (i)_____ in their (ii)_____ that Scheinhauer, a librettist known to become squeamish after a light smattering of applause, retreated from public view.
(i)_____, she suddenly became (ii)_____ , even conspiratorial, as the detectives, who had been stymied and had all but given up on extracting an iota of evidence from her, took sedulous notes.
The flood of innovation that has engendered many of last decade`s technological breakthroughs has also claimed some victims in its wake: companies once at the (i)_____ of such innovation have now become (ii)_____.
Amongst Irish-American playwrights of the early 20th Century, her work stood out as a(n) (i)_____, not so much because of its striking originality but because other contemporaneous works tended to be (ii)_____ on most social issues. Her plays, by contrast, allowed the audience to come to its own conclusions, a technique that foreshadowed much of 20th century theatre.
Ironically, for someone whose novels were populated with characters typically marked by a(n) (i)_____, the author himself made tabloid news with exploits that suggested not even a (ii)_____.
The popularization of science by writers with a knack for making the abstruse (i)_____ is not an exclusively modern calling. Indeed the origins of this specific craft harken back to Voltaire, who, in his?Elements of the Philosophy of Newton, made the (ii)_____ writing of the revered British physicist digestible to a lay audience.
Many imagine philosophy apparelled in a toga walking about the Greek agora, (i)_____ questions of great import; yet philosophy (ii)_____ today, only we have traded the agora for the Internet: many online venues exist in which the intellectually curious discuss the very same questions that once reverberated through the open air of Athens` marketplaces.
Unlike the trend in modern art to (i)_____ reality, the trend in photography has yet to fall prey to such an impulse; photographs that lack (ii)_____ are often seen as nothing more than oddities.
Cheswick`s motives are forever (i)_____ by a guardedness so thoroughgoing as to make any attempt to dissect his actions (ii)_____.
In his critique of the student`s (i)_____ essay, the writing instructor mostly focused on (ii)_____ details, leading many in the class to believe he was either oblivious to the subtleties of the piece or simply envious of the student.
Cave paintings recently found hundreds of feet below the surface in southern France suggest that prehistoric man viewed animals as central to both his rituals and existence. Whether this focus results from the idolization or subjugation remains (i)_____ - for every painting of a beast riddled with spears, there exists another in which man is depicted in a far more (ii)_____ role, arms outspread as though in obeisance.
Though the recent row between the much loved prime minister and the ambassador from the erstwhile colonial power will, in all likelihood, not foment outright protests--the way an incursion by this same foreign power into the country`s airspace did--surely such discord will only serve to further _____ ?a people long since wary of foreign influence.


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