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如何打造6分GRE句子3 收藏 纠错

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SILENTWINGS教你写GRE句子(三) 11.        If I were……, I would…… 如果我被……,我将…… (用法)虚拟语气基本句型,前分句做出假设,后半句就前假设做出应对,句式中人称等可以替换变迁。 (例子)        若有人让我指出最具破坏性的对于幻想的表达,我将就此归咎于媒体。 [KEY] If I were asked to name the single most destructive expression of fantasy, however, I would have to blame the media. [借鉴] If I were asked to point out the most destructive expression on fantasy, I would attribute that to the media. (例子)        如果让学生了解现实,当考试成绩发布时将会有更少张沮丧的脸。 [KEY] If students were reminded of this reality, there would be fewer dejected faces when examination results are published. [借鉴] If students were allowed to realize reality, there would be less disappointed faces when the results of the test are published. 12.        It is said that…… 据说 (用法)在举例论证中引出事例,加固前面的论点 (例子)        据说许多年轻的浪漫者固执地试图按照电视肥皂剧与浪漫喜剧中的梦幻般的形式与生活。 [KEY] It is said that many young romantics stubbornly attempt to live out the fantasy images of T.V. soap opera and romantic comedies. [借鉴] It is said that many romanticists stubbornly try to live a life style as the illusive one in the soap opera and romantic comedy. (例子)        据说甚至当炸弹雨点般地降落在柏林时一些德国人仍然幻想着德国将赢得二战的胜利。 [KEY] It is said that some Germans still fascinated about Germany winning the Second World War even as the bombs rained down on Berlin. [借鉴] It is said that some Germen remain believing that Germany would win when bombs fell on the Bolin land like raindrops. 注:时态注意应该是过去时,另外地名注意翻译正确“柏林”是“Berlin”。 13.        At the even worse…… 更糟的是…… (用法)在论证中用此句式引出“递进”的逻辑论证,程度上实现进一步深化,将worse改为better可以表达进一步向“好”的方面转变。 (例子)        更糟的是,一个自私的赌徒会忽略他对于家庭的经济上的责任义务,并且最终赌博将成为毁灭生活的一剂毒药。 [KEY] At the even worse, a selfish gambler can neglect his financial duties towards his family and eventually gambling can become a drug which destroys life. [借鉴] At the even worse, a selfish gambler will neglect his economical duty and obligation to the family and furthermore, gambling would become a dose of poison which will eventually ruin the life. 注:“经济上的责任”一般固定用financial为好。 (例子)        更糟的是,蜜月的魅力不久就让空洞的日子所取代,在这些日子里新婚夫妇们必须从中寻找到生活的意义。 [KEY] At the even worse, the glamour of the honeymoon soon gives way to empty hours in which the newlyweds must find meaning. [借鉴] At the even worse, the fascination of honeymoon would be supplanted by dull days during which newlywed must seek out the meaning of life. 14.        When it comes to…… 就……而言,谈到…… (用法)引出一个论点,话题的经典句型,可以置于句首也可以置于句尾。 (例子)        当谈及游戏时,许多人相信游戏能让玩家获得诸如坚忍与竞争的生存技能。 [KEY] When it comes to the games, many people believe that they accustom the player to life-skills such as perseverance and competitiveness. (例子)        再者,当然,斯多葛学者们在谈及纵容与容忍时常令自身陷入极大的窘境。 [KEY] Supremely, of course, the stoic gets himself or herself into most difficulty when it comes to connivance and tolerance. [借鉴] Furthermore, of course, the stoic scholars often make themselves in a dilemma when it comes to connivance and endurance. 15.        The chief reason is because…… 主要原因是…… (用法)用以表达诸多原因中最重要,最首要的一点。 (例子)        同样,最主要的原因是因为那些浪漫主义者未经充分理解到对于任何关系的工作核心,它是激情的,心理的或者经济的。 [KEY] Again, the chief reason is because romantics do not sufficiently understand the centrality of work---be it emotional, psychological or financial---to any relationship. (例子)        相当有趣的是,美国电影常被谴责为美化暴力,从而我们不得不将解决和面对这项危机:一些人试图将电影中的情节搬到现实中来。 [KEY] Rather humorously, American films are often accused of making violence glamorous. Accordingly, sooner or later we have to settle down and face the hazard that some people attempt to translate the scene of a movie onto reality.

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