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收藏 纠错
如何打造6分GRE句子5 收藏 纠错

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21.        There is no evidence to suggest that…… 无证据指出……
(例子)        无证据表明一些作家使自己成为坚定的旅行者,Herman Melville就是一个光辉的典范,许多伟大的思想也从不以此为劳。
[KEY] There is no evidence to suggest that some writers have themselves been hardened travelers---Herman Melville is a preeminent example---many great minds never bothered to travel.
(例子)        无证据表明我们能够回复到过时落后技术的年代
[KEY] There is no evidence to suggest that there can be turning back to out-dated technology.

22.        What is more…… 再者,更有……
(例子)        再者,拿破仑声称他在滑铁卢一役前夕对战争的了解丝毫不多于在他第一场战役前夕所了解到的。也就是说,他相信他的军事才能来自于其年幼时所读的三到四本基础的书。
[KEY] What is more, Napoleon claimed that he knew no more about warfare on the eve of Waterloo than he did on the eve of his first battle. In other words, he believed that his military genius derived from reading three or four essential books during his childhood.
(例子)        再者,我们依恋于科学,不管是好是坏。
[KEY] What is more, we are married to the science, for better or for worse.

23.        To be sure…… 确定的是—
(例子)        可以肯定,读者可从阅读许多著名旅行家的生活而获益,而旅行家只能从穿越自己的生活中汲取营养。
[KEY] To be sure, the reader has the benefit that he can read upon the lives of many famous travelers; whereas the traveler journeys through only his own life.
(例子)        可以肯定的是,事业上的人有时只想根据学术文凭来做出选择。
[KEY] To be sure, career people tend sometimes to look only at academic certificates as the means to preferment.

24.        Providing that…… 假使
(例子)        假使在阅读中是既选择而又彻底的,他就能够获取长期积聚的智慧。
[KEY] Providing that the bookworm is selective and thorough in his reading, he can enjoy the wisdom of centuries.
(例子)        假使我们说一个人不能学会在一个有500人居住的社会中存在的爱,友谊与尊重,那个人将不能在一个有5亿人口的国家中找到友谊。
[KEY] Providing that a person cannot learn love, friendship and respect in a community of, shall we say, five hundred villagers, that person will not find friendship in a country of five hundred million.

25.A further solid argument for…… is that…… 更有力的论证是……
(例子)        对于民谣的更有力的论证是其已成为文化成熟历程中的一块基石。
[KEY] A further solid argument for folk ballads is that they have all been important stepping-stones in my cultural maturity.
(例子)        对于历史建筑保留的更有力的论证是当我踏入其中时,Dick Whittington的故事中的魔力在我心中重新点燃。
[KEY] A further solid argument for the preservation of historical buildings is that the magic of the Dick Whittington story is rekindled in me when I enter them.

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