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如何打造6分GRE句子2 收藏 纠错

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        Share a belief that…… 都相信……,都认为……
(例子)        世界上的许多宗教都认为当一个人能够注视与反思自己的问题,那么此人就能够开始回复自己的情绪。
[KEY] Many of the world’s religions share a belief that when a person is able to look at and confess his or her problems that person can begin to travel the road to emotional recovery.
(例子)        我们都认为一个问题仅当被清晰地认识之后才能得到解决。
[KEY] We all share the belief that a problem cannot be solved until it is clearly recognized.

        In a not dissimilar way 同样
(用法)用以事例论证或对照论证中,相当于in the same way,这里只是借用饿双重否定起到了强调,着重的浓墨色彩。类似的替换有similarly, contrarily等。
(例子)        同样,婚姻与友情是对更高层次情感的探索:它们是对真正价值的虔诚求索。
[KEY] In a not dissimilar way, marriage and friendship are explorations of the higher emotions, they are pilgrimages towards the city of true values.
(例子)        相反,失去了认知自我不满的能力,我们将陷入庸懒的泥沼;毕竟,痛苦的经历使我们的意识更加敏锐。
[KEY] Contrarily, without the ability to recognize our discontent, we could collapse into idleness; after all, suffering sharpens our senses.

        Whatever else may be said, most people would agree that…… 无论如何,大多数人认为……
(例子)        无论如何,大多数人认为加拿大与澳洲的独立比美国更顺利,因为英国放任这两个王国顺势而动。
[KEY] Whatever else may be said, most people would agree that the transition to independence for Canada and Australia was much smoother than that of the United States because Britain allowed those two dominions to evolve with time.
(例子)        无论如何,大多数人都认同丛林法则。在经济学上,一个人总是试图从他的邻居那里牟取利益,这就给了穷人凭借自己的优势迅速致富的可能。
[KEY] Whatever else may be said, most people would agree “the rule of the jungle”. In economics a person always attempts to gain profit from his neighbor: that given the chance the poor man would quickly make himself rich by trading to his own advantage.

        What is interesting is…… 有趣的是……
(用法)这是个what is + adj. +is的结构套路,引导主语从句。千万别小看它,这比大多数immature的写作人滥用it is +adj.+ that 要妥当自然多了。
(例子)        有趣的是那些故事,包括诸如面向儿童的诗歌与传说这类纯小说类的作品,都较信息化导向的教科书更为普遍,发掘着深层次的情感,诸如爱情与痛苦,愤怒与容忍。
[KEY] What is interesting is that stories, including pure fictions such as poetry and tales for children, are more common than information-oriented textbooks, exploring deep emotions such as love and suffering, anger and tolerance.
(例子)        讽刺的是尽管一个成年人永远不会彻底失去童年时代的想象力,然而不久我们不得不在现实下疲于奔命。
[KEY] What is ironical is that although an adult should never completely lose the light of his childhood imagination, sooner or later we have to knuckle down to reality.

        Turn our attention to…… 将注意力转到……
(用法)常用在对比论证中,将此句置于短首或者转折处,由此引起对比于上文的论证或者辩驳。当然,更普遍用法等同于pay attention to
(例子)        若我们将注意力转到小说上,那么我们看到其在心理营造方面加强了情感的表达。
[KEY] If we turn our attention to novels, we see that the psychological aspect of them helps to reinforce the presentation of feelings.
(例子)        若我们将注意的焦点转移到现实中的事业上,由于并不是每个聪明的学生都能够受到最好的培训,从而可能的举措是建议我们的学生如何在有限的环境条件中表现得最佳。
[KEY] If we turn our focus to the reality of a career, since not every intelligent student arrives at the top training establishments, it might perhaps be wise to advise our students on how to make the best out of limited circumstances.

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