For feminist scholars, Kessler-Harris`s concern that the term "labor history" (i)_____ images of male workers exclusively may be (ii)_____; her own immense contributions to the field offer evidence that feminism has (iii)_____ the questions posed by labor historians, moving women`s concerns from the periphery closer to the center of labor history writing.
The fact that "nano" is effectively only a unit of measure ("nano" refers to one billionth) means that "nanoscience" occurs across a wide range of disciplines. Despite this (i)_____, the reason for (ii)_____ nanoscale sciences and technologies (iii)_____ is that at the nanoscale, objects can express different properties from those observed for the same material at larger scales.
Noriko Iwasaki argues that second-language learners studying abroad typically learn mostly informal language; consequently upon return their second-language speech is often marked by __________ informal language or a haphazard mix of informal and formal language.
Since the results of the latest survey were __________, earlier results gave researchers little relevant experience for interpreting the new data.
The best scientists are on guard against premature enthusiasm for a theory, knowing full well that even the most __________ data may well disappoint.
With no artist in any art form is the life __________ the work, exactly; still, each informs the other, and illumination of the dynamic between them is the biographer`s job.
Ethologists are now seriously considering crediting some nonhuman animals not just with raw, basic emotional states but also with __________ ones, including envy and empathy.
Wolfe credited Talese with stirring a revolution, a pronouncement that cannot be considered __________, so groundbreaking was Talese`s method of framing and developing his factual short stories.
No one would suggest that we might enhance our democracy simply by tuning in to the infinity of conversations eternally buzzing away among us, or, by the same token, that we might (i)_____ our politics simply by encouraging more talk. In the era of the Internet, no further (ii)_____ loquaciousness is necessary.
The natural landscape on which we live represents a temporary (i)_____ building and destroying forces. Erosional forces are powerful enough to reduce all the continents to broad, rolling plains in only a few million years. In most places, however, this reduction is (ii)_____ tectonic and volcanic forces.
Although the body of work by pre-Islamic Arabic poet al-Khansā` consists almost exclusively of elegies, it would be (i)_____ to draw from this fact inferences about the poet`s personal preoccupations: elegy was the predominant genre for women poets of her time, providing al-Khansā` a way to demonstrate her (ii)_____ a set of generic conventions. If the convention for women was to write elegies and al-Khansā` wanted to be a (iii)_____ poet, then she would produce a great number of elegies.
The latest publications predicting disastrous coastal erosion are likely to seem __________ to knowledgeable readers because variations on the same claims have been effectively refuted in the past few years.
In conversations with Vivian, one received the impression that she had access to an infinite store of __________, short, pithy, and wise.
Though often conflated by outsiders at the time, the Beat poetry scene and the folk-music revival were actually in many ways __________, despite sharing certain ancestral connections in the Depression-era Left.
Klein argues that the official version of healthy living peddled by public health institutions and the commercial interests surrounding them is __________, as it constitutes a veritable assault on the actual health of society.
Calculus has proved adequate for modeling most objects in nature, but there remain others-snowflakes, coastlines, and clouds, for instance-whose irregular or discontinuous shapes __________ a different approach.
The impersonality of so much of Sontag`s writings naturally leaves us wondering whether a different kind of writer will be revealed in her journals and notebooks, whether we will find there writing that is more (i)_____ and less (ii)_____.
Traditional classroom instruction is (i)_____ for helping students construct a correct mental model of the lunar phases. Even in-class instruction augmented with a 3-D instead of a 2-D visual model has (ii)_____ student learning. There is a clear need for new and better approaches to the teaching of lunar phases.
It seems that wolves will leaven their otherwise strongly hierarchical society with occasional displays of (i)_____, and if a pack leader proves to be too (ii)_____, subordinate wolves will go so far as to overthrow the top cur.
The parents of pianist Jonathan Biss were both musical performers and teachers at a high level. Sometimes a young musician`s performance anxiety stems from a pressured childhood, in which (i)_____ parents, eager to see their child succeed onstage, end up (ii)_____ that child the pleasures and healthy adjustments of a normal youth. But Biss describes his as (iii)_____ musical upbringing.


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