It is highly significant that compared with fellow Renaissance artists Michelangelo and Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci was (i)_____ the ancient world, which many in the Renaissance viewed as a model of heroic behavior in art. To be sure, Leonardo was not (ii)_____ antiquity: a recently discovered drawing for a statue of Hercules sheds light on Leonardo`s plan for a major work concerning that hero of ancient Greek mythology. But there was something in the Renaissance reverence for antiquity as a fixed value, as an ideal outside time, that (iii)_____ Leonardo`s fascination with the immediate, the mutable, and the elusive.
Many claim that the evidence for Americans` growing social isolation is __________: families dine together a third less often than they did even in 1980 and participation in community groups and volunteer organizations has declined.
The excellent agreement between theory and experiment convinced many of the original opponents of atomistic theories; thenceforth they accepted the __________ of the theories.
All the relationships the composer explored in his 1970 musical were (i)_____ and thus spoke to the culture`s confusion and despair. This made him Broadway`s laureate of (ii)_____.
It would be tempting, but incorrect, to maintain that the recent conflict among the members of the chamber group (i)_____ the classical music world. The field is as rife with interpersonal conflicts as any other. But those conflicts are supposed to be (ii)_____. For a dispute to spill into the courts and the public arena as this one has is, musicians say, (iii)_____. It has consumed the lives of those involved and become a cautionary tale for chamber players.
The smallest human societies that we can identify, either among living groups or among the populations of prehistory, do not appear to (i)_____ the image of primitive (ii)_____ that has become popular among anthropologists in the past twenty years. Hunger has clearly been at least a seasonal problem for many historic and contemporary groups, and (iii)_____ is not unknown. Contemporary hunter-gatherers appear to be chronically lean, as well as at least occasionally hungry.
Many of the most critically successful filmmakers attract __________ who strive to emulate their style of filmmaking.
Although the behavior of individuals is often simple, the collective patterns to which it leads can be __________, making common sense a faulty guide to what might happen.
The author of this study valiantly searches for commonalities among the leaders of social movements but fails; the leaders remain __________ group.
Because economists have yet to identify a pattern of economic indicators that consistently __________ a rise or fall in employment, they have not been able to furnish governments with a method for predicting unemployment rates.
The geologist suggested that as the most productive oil reservoirs begin to dry up, the high costs and potential risks of drilling in more marginal locations will come to seem less __________ and more acceptable.
The question of whether or not a novel species is accepted by local ecological scientists as a natural component of a given ecosystem is not (i)_____: if a species believed to be exotic is also categorized as potentially harmful, then expensive, laborious, and even ecologically destructive eradication initiatives may (ii)_____.
Modern attempts to find a dark, brooding layer in Mozart`s psychology have been (i)_____. True, in his correspondence he once or twice displays depressive symptoms-alluding to his "black thoughts" and describing sensations of coldness and emptiness-but the context is (ii)_____: in the first instance he is begging for money, and in the second he is telling his wife how much he misses her.
In his study of the physical feeling of disgust, Kelly makes claims that are both (i)_____ and (ii)_____: he advances arguments about how disgust evolved over time and what triggers it.
People love to talk about their commutes to and from work: those with an easy commute tend to (i)_____, while those who hate their commute think and speak of it as a core affliction, like a chronic illness. Once you raise the subject, the testimonies pour out, and, if your ears are tuned to it, you begin overhearing commute talk everywhere. People who are normally (ii)_____ may, when describing their commutes, be unexpectedly (iii)_____ divulging the intimate details of their lives.
As clucks of disapproval about Americans` political __________ have grown louder in recent years, many historians have looked for contrast to the decades before the Civil War as a time when Americans were enthusiastically engaged in politics.
As a proponent of women`s traditional roles, Sarah Hale was adamantly against women`s suffrage as thrusting women into an improper sphere; yet she __________ female textile strikers when they publicly protested their mistreatment at mills.
Manga-illustrated Japanese books that are read from right to left-are beginning to win fans, __________ the enormous success of anime films such as Miyazaki`s breathtaking Spirited Away.
When food companies seek to inflate their revenues by reducing the amount of food in each package without offering a corresponding price reduction, their marketing campaigns are often __________, claiming that the smaller versions are healthier, with fewer calories than before.
Not surprisingly, a new report indicating that emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases are the only likely explanation for global warming was disputed by some groups that (i)_____ carbon dioxide emissions; these groups claim that the science pointing to dangerous human-caused warming is (ii)_____.


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