While people complain about their hectic lives and demanding schedules, one might be justified in suspecting that they are being somewhat (i)_____: compulsive busyness seems to be, for many, a source of (ii)_____.
Fifty pages of footnotes, some of them presenting quite lengthy bibliographies, suggest that very few pertinent sources on the Black Arts movement in literature have (i)_____ Thompson`s search; (ii)_____, the text makes it clear that the author`s examination of these sources has been similarly (iii)_____.
Schechter is atypically (i)_____ the film version of Stephen King`s horror novel The shining because the qualities for which the majority of other critics have approved it (its artful camera work and so on) get in the way of narrative and render the story less, rather than more, (ii)_____ than other films of the same genre. This is not (iii)_____ view, and we must be grateful to Schechter for putting it forward.
Many creative photographers were delighted to find in instant photography a mode that encouraged them to stop viewing photography as _____ and start viewing it as something they could handle with spontaneity, even derision.
The difficulty of reforming electoral politics is not lack of the right tools but the need to put them into the hands of impartial agents: the goal should be to build capacity while _____ partisanship.
Both very good and very bad books are easy to review. Praise and (i)_____ come easily. But what of books that contain a muddle of virtues and vices? Here the reviewer`s task is more (ii)_____: the author`s useful and thought-provoking observations need to be (iii)_____ the useless and tedious.
Nylenna`s study showed that errors in scientific manuscripts submitted for publication often escape reviewers` notice, results that were not _____: when Godlee conducted a study of the same phenomenon, her findings were similar.
93-6 At a recent conference on ancient DNA, one presentation opened with the claim that the field was now mature and could move ahead with confidence. This (i)_____ is (ii)_____, as demonstrated at the conference by the many presentations that notably lacked an adequate methodology for ensuring that DNA was uncontaminated by material that is more recent. In fact, ancient DNA research presents extreme technical difficulties, in part precisely because of the (iii)_____ of surviving DNA.
Much of the literature about railroad seeks someone to _____, and it is thus replete with encomiums on entrepreneurs and managers.
To criticize a disaster film for being _____ is a bit silly, since people do not go to disaster movies to see an honest portrayed of reality.
The activists` prodigious activity on behalf of both woman suffrage and the temperance movement in the late nineteenth century belies the assertion that the two movements were __________.
In light of the decades of dueling studies about whether the extinction of the dinosaurs resulted from an asteroid strike or from volcanic eruptions, it is increasingly apparent that the relevant mineral-deposit evidence is simply (i)_____, even if the scientists advancing the various claims sound (ii)_____.
The Hippocratic oath and other ethical codes that guided the medical profession for centuries generally (i)_____the notion of truth telling; indeed, one of Hippocrates` injunctions-to keep the sick from harm and injustice-encouraged the opposite behavior, (ii)_____.
In science, not all errors are (i)_____: historians have unearthed a number of instances in which an incorrect idea proved far more (ii)_____ than thousands of others that were trivially mistaken or narrowly correct. These are the (iii)_____ mistakes: errors that touch on deep, fundamental features of the world around us and prompt further research that leads to major breakthroughs. Mistakes they certainly are, but sciences would be far worse off without them.
Although in Europe after the First World War meteorology held the same rank as astronomy, in the United States top academic institutions did not treat it as a field __________ any physical science.
In one commentator`s view, modern free traders are complete __________ because they show no interest in practicality, nuance, or flexibility on the issue of free trade.
The main thrust of her argument was that wage differences, far from being __________, do in fact reflect education, skills, experience, and other factors that make employees more productive.
The government, having consistently failed in its foreign policy to apply the principle of the self-determination of peoples, has been __________ by those critics who support the universal application of that principle.
Folk music, having remained (i)_____ by reinforcing ethnic identities and advocating social change, has nevertheless (ii)_____ the rural areas where it originally developed.
Photovoltaic cells, which convert light directly to electricity, are safe, have no moving parts, operate at ambient temperature, and last for decades. It would therefore seem that they are one of the more (i)_____ ways to harness the Sun`s energy. However, there is an obvious (ii)_____ widespread application, and that is (iii)_____: electricity generated from photovoltaic cells is getting cheaper, but it still costs more than the going rate in most places.


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