The question of when, if ever, history can be considered (i)_____ is contentious, to say the least. One could argue, for example, that any evaluation of the 180-year-old presidency of Andrew Jackson would likely be (ii)_____ the controversies that define evaluations of more contemporaneous political leaders, and yet a plethora of passionately held views continues to polarize. The (iii)_____ of any one judgment is perhaps the one certainty surrounding the issue.
The (i)_____ state of the city`s public schools certainly demands immediate attention, but it is important that our remedies be thoughtful and comprehensive. While appropriate measures of teacher performance and subsequent accountability will undoubtedly play a vital role in revitalizing our schools, it would be (ii)_____ the many other factors at play, factors as widely divergent as the system's deteriorating physical capital and students' home lives. Even the most talented teachers are challenged, for example, to (iii)_____ of an unstable or abusive home environment on a student's ability to learn.
With his relentless energy but equally diminutive attention span, Garlin (i)_____ his talents on several potentially exciting but uncompleted projects, much to the dismay of his friends who, while venerating his enthusiasm, (ii)_____ his unfocused nature.
The origins of La Tomatina, an annual Spanish event in which participants hurl overripe tomatoes at one another for up to two hours, are _____ , with possible theories including a friendly food fight and a volley aimed at a bad musician.
The _____ group in the adjoining room made it difficult for students taking the mid-term examination to concentrate.
Susan _____ the theater; she bought tickets for all the shows put on by the local drama group.
The so-called "thieves` cant" was a (i)_____ language created by thieves, beggars, and swindlers in England in the 1530s to allow them to communicate without the authorities knowing what was going on. Although the cant was widely used by criminal subcultures five hundred years ago, it is now mostly (ii)_____ , found only in literature and fantasy role-playing games.
Currently _____ in philately, Roger decided to pursue his new hobby because he had already become an expert numismatist.
While the (i)_____ structures of Lego projects are often impressive, it`s the internal (ii)_____ such as flower pots, sink fixtures, and working windows that make them truly magical.
Prior to taking on the new invader, the defending army had engaged in arduous combat; it is likely that the _____ resulting from waging two battles in two days played a part in its subsequent defeat.
Often considered one of the best films in cinematic history, Breakfast at Tiffany's faced several (i)_____ during production. The film's star, Audrey Hepburn, almost refused the part, afraid it would (ii)_____ her pristine image; further, the film faced intense scrutiny from censors, and the director had to make several compromises to (iii)_____ them.
The (i)_____ of medieval papal power was the pontificate of Innocent III, whose immense personal prestige cowed monarchs from the powerful Philip II "Augustus" of France to the (ii)_____ John of England, who earned such derisive epithets as "Lackland" and "Softsword." Even before Innocent's tenure, though, the involvement of Pope Henry IV in the Investiture Conflict had begun to hint at the tension between spiritual and (iii)_____ leadership that would eventually boil over in the Protestant Reformation.
Ironically, the myth of Martin Van Buren`s _____ was due largely to circumstances that had little to do with Van Buren himself; in reality, of all the U.S. presidents since Andrew Jackson, Van Buren exceeded the average in education, intellect, and experience.
Some argue that profiting from terrible suffering by publishing photographic books about natural disasters is shameless (i)_____ , but perhaps the practice has the (ii)_____ effect of helping us to appreciate the humanity of people living far way.
While she may have answered him truthfully-in the strictest sense of the word-it became clear to Sergei after the incident that Sheryl had actually been trying to _____ .
Certainly a roundabout narrative, the book-much like the others in the author`s pseudo-autobiographical series-proved to be unpopular among those who preferred _____ to loquaciousness.
During training to handle (i)_____ arguments, the students on the debate team practiced techniques for quickly coming up with remarks that were (ii)_____ even when they might know very little about the topic and would have only a few minutes to prepare.
Although they stood with the congressman in a tenuous display of solidarity, the incensed commissioners could not conceal their _____ .
The (i)_____ with which the second-string quarterback managed to turn the tide of the game shocked even those who were familiar with his skills. Previously, he was more infamous for his deceitful (ii)_____ off the field than for anything he had accomplished with a ball in his hand, but his immediate impact on the decisive game is likely to turn some of his erstwhile doubters into (iii)_____ fans.
The magazine article was (i)_____ about the police commissioner`s accomplishments. Although some lawyers` groups argued against the appropriateness of his tactics, the double-digit drop in the crime rate since his appointment suggests that all the journalist`s praise was (ii)_____ .


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