A successful revolution, whereby those who have unseated the previous government are able to usher in an irenic transformation, is not (i) _____. Nonetheless, scholars, and even the public at large, persist in believing that the American Revolution, while clearly successful, bequeathed a(n) (ii) _____ that all restive nations need only follow to enjoy effective self-rule. One must look no further than the sweep of the 20th century, to realize the (iii) _____ of this conception.
Public officials recently announced plans to (i) _____ noise pollution in parts of the downtown. Aside from citing the usual costs of enforcing ordinances, the city also referenced reports indicating that residents had become (ii) _____ the hubbub, a finding that, for the most part, is not (iii)_____ the dearth of media coverage on the issue-when a municipality is responsible for disgruntled citizens, the newspapers are sure to follow up with a flurry of coverage.
It is telling that a politician long adept at inhabiting any role that will serve his immediate purpose has been able to (i)_____ a disgruntled electorate, an outcome that perhaps speaks more to the electorate`s (ii)_____ nature than it does to his ability to be (iii)_____.
History has known few as _____ as the Irish wit Oscar Wilde: on his inaugural trip to America, when asked by customs officials if he had anything to declare, Wilde replied: "The only thing I have to declare is my genius."
The travel writer must invite _____. Few, if any travelogues, have ever been inspired by a languorous afternoon poolside.
The recent discovery of the existence of a far greater number of planets than had previously been thought only _____ undergirds the argument for intelligent lifeforms; such an argument depends on more than a mere tally of planets, for only those planets that can form a viable atmosphere can host the conditions necessary for life.
Anticipating a dry, hot fall, city officials are _____ citizens to rake up any leaves on their respective property: many radio shows have slotted 15-second spots warning listeners about the heightened possibility of fire should sufficient underbrush collect in untended parts of residents` premises.
Though she would _____ at a mere peccadillo, she would, with nary more than a wagging finger, condone far more untenable behavior.
That art wields political power is not an incontrovertible position-if it is even true at all: Picasso`s Guernica, a painting capturing the wanton plundering of a Spanish village, hangs almost _____ in the Guggenheim, framed by a soft light best befitting a seaside idyll.
The city council was notorious for voting down any measure that would restrict its ability to wield power, so that it _____ a bill aimed to narrow the ambit of its jurisdiction was surprising only to the small few who had come to believe that the council would pull an about-face.
With university lecture halls rivaling small-concert venues in terms of the number of those in attendance, it _____ incoming freshmen--most long coddled in an intimate learning environment--to become adept at navigating the treacherous waters of anonymity.
That the web may seem some (i)_____ phenomenon, hardly rooted in the physical world, is a notion clearly (ii)_____ by the existence of "server farms," sprawling forests of metal that, figuratively speaking, provide the backbone of the Internet.
(i)_____ in the 1990s, Swing music has since (ii)_____ in popular venues, returning to its former state of middling popularity.
It is (i)_____ that the short story, regardless of its acclaim amongst certain members of the literati, has (ii)_____ amongst the public. All the more so, because the novel, in some ways an inherently more demanding form, continues to be popular amongst lay readers who apparently subscribe to the trite credo that bigger is better.
The number of speeding tickets one receives is by no means a reliable measure of (i)_____. Some (ii)_____ drivers, in fact, prove that in certain cases the inverse is true. That is those savvy enough to have availed themselves of the latest cellular phone applications receive up-to-the-minute information on the presence of highway patrolmen-greater excess speed, in these instances, simply implies a greater (iii)_____.
All too often scientists are quick to (i)_____ findings that ostensibly fail to mesh with their own research nonetheless, such a response is (ii)_____ compared to the (iii)_____, if not downright contemptuous, attitude they take towards a theory that questions the very foundation upon which their work rests.
Jansen`s writing strikes many as (i)_____ for one who is capable of enduing even the most recondite topics with a(n) (ii)_____?tone, his prose becomes (iii) _____in the informal correspondences he had with his contemporaries.
While society may regard science as some (i)_____ activity closed off to the (ii)_____ masses, the daily life of a scientist--driving to work each day, checking emails, meeting deadlines--can seem (iii)_____.
For an artist of such circumscribed talent, Mario was given (i)_____ attention, many connoisseurs (ii)_____ over works that warranted nothing more than a(n) (iii)_____ glance.
As spurious sightings of imaginary creatures that have captured the popular mind (i)_____, however (ii)_____ a story may be, once it has been circulated enough times, it will gather a patina of (iii) _____.


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