To the _____, the music of Bach, at once intensely personal because of the simplicity of its melodies and inaccessible because of contrapuntal complexity, can seem the product of two distinct composers.
With an emphasis placed on calculus and the algebra necessary to understand it, the modern high school mathematics curriculum has forced traditional courses such as spherical geometry to _____ ?ground to those subjects that underpin a conceptual understanding of calculus.
The exuberance of Karevolotski`s narrator breaks the mold in Russian literature, which heretofore has featured a(n) _____ protagonist, who, grumbling about myriad perceived injustices, braces himself against an oppressive world.
Movie marketing works in a highly predictable, and obnoxious, fashion: the more we are assaulted with images of intergalactic battles, or a pouty heroine hoping to regain her lost love, the greater likelihood that the movie is one best _____.
To most, the word `architecture` connotes a grandeur typically associated with the Old World--flying buttresses, Doric columns, baroque flourishes, byzantine arabesques--and thus many of the more _____ structures, especially those not obviously inspired by neoclassicalism, are often thought to be cobbled together haphazardly instead of following some prescribed architectural idiom.
Once _____ across the Western plains, the buffalo has seriously diminished in number.
Edgar Allen Poe biographers tend to fall into two camps: those who try to rescue the man himself from a macabre world in which fate had decreed nothing less than a(n) (i)_____ outcome, and those who (ii)_____ that very myth, treating the subject as one for whom a life of tragedy was (iii) _____ .
When constantly (i)_____, apocryphal quotations can make the truth seem (ii)_____. For instance, people often spout the phrase "Play it again, Sam," (iii)_____ quoting Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. When they watch the movie, they assume that the actor has botched his lines during the scene in which he says, "Play it, Sam."
Carefully couching his words in the most diplomatic language possible, so even those (i)_____ to his cause could hardly construe his words as a (ii)_____ , the city councilman offered an ultimatum to the (iii) _____ group of protesters camped outside the City Hall.
Perhaps then the greatest failing of this deluge of positive psychology books is not that they (i) _____ the complexity typical of psychology in general-and in this case replace it with a breezy glibness-but that they dispense advice that is so (ii) _____ and littered with platitudes as to be bereft of the very succor the public requires during our (iii)_____ times.
The question as to what constitutes art is hardly a (i)_____ one. Today, artists exist whose main goal seems only to subvert work that no longer warrants the trite tag "cutting-edge." Once the proverbial envelope is pushed even further, the public inevitably scratches its collective head – or furrows the collective brow – thinking that this time the "artists" have (ii)_____. That very same admixture of contempt and confusion, however, was not unknown in Michelangelo`s day only what was considered blasphemous, art-wise, in the 16th Century, would today be considered (iii)_____.
Monarchial reigns (i)_____ tended to be more (ii)_____, dynastically speaking, than those royal courts in which palace machinations had not become a quotidian affair. In the latter, a pall of complacency would fall over the kingdom so that if suddenly there were an earl with an axe to grind, so to speak, his path to usurpation would be (iii)_____.
Very few veteran critics tend to be (i)_____ ?the recent decade in cinema. Nonetheless, based on movie reviews many could easily come to the conclusion that the last ten years were indeed banner ones. Once the province of lettered intellectuals, a few even household names (Pauline Kael comes to mind), the role of the movie critic has been (ii)_____ by those lacking any notable credentials. With this flood of veritable tyros opining from the rafters, a movie`s overall rating-as compiled and tabulated by popular Internet sites–often times confers a(n) (iii)_____ on a film, an assessment that posterity will most likely deem specious.
Perkin`s wit, surprisingly (i)_____ by the prudishness of his time, may not have been nearly as (ii)_____ had he lived in an era not so prone to (iii)_____.
The Hellenistic and Judaic philosophy of the early centuries did not so much (i)_____ ancient Greek philosophy as it did (ii)_____ the Platonic concepts of this time with its understanding of the way in which an ideal world, or one of perfect forms, (iii)_____ the existence of a perfect being. Even the philosophy of the Middle Ages was so inextricably bound with the ideas of ancient Greece that many philosophers could hardly imagine discussing the existence of a perfect being without invoking the conceptual framework laid down by Plato more than a thousand years earlier.
Advocates of anti-smoking campaigns are (i) _____ the fact that the number of smokers per capita has (ii) _____ since the 1970s, perhaps aware that, lest this trend reverse itself, their message, which is predicated on dire predictions, is likely to be more (iii) _____ than one rooted in reality.
Perhaps there is nothing more to the album than its case that experimentalism into uncharted sonic landscapes did not (i)_____ with Stockhauen. Or perhaps its forays--many of which could rightly be dubbed sophomoric--into the avant-garde also lead to the (ii)_____: that to create an unprecedented sound one has to (iii)_____ a discernible melody.
Hollywood has a way of (i)_____ reality, thereby completely altering not only past events but our perception of these events. To take but one example, after watching Milos Forman`s Oscar-Winning Picture, Amadeus, audiences smugly walk away "knowing" the Italian composer Antonio Salieri sordidly did away with the divine genius Mozart. That such a story is at best a (ii)_____ is, to them, not even a(n) (iii)_____.
The subjectivity inherent in travel is aptly captured in the range of styles used by different writers. For Hemingway, writing eighty years ago, the experience of travel-regardless of how momentous-was rendered in (i) _____ observations, a style many of today`s writers studiously (ii) _____. Then there is travel writer Pico Iyer, for whom a simple stroll through an airport can beget sentences bursting forth with as many semicolons as revelations. Who thought the terminal could be so (iii) _____? Surely not many writers today.
The classical music critic suffers the double indignity of opining on a field that the layman mostly (i)_____: not only must he deal with the fact that the public tends to look (ii)_____ on critics but he must also risk coming across as (iii)_____ a subject in which few deign to show any interest.


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