The computer modeling of weather has, since its inception, been fraught with difficulties, yet the fact that it has only had to improve on what, to some, amounts to nothing more than voodoo science made its _____ all but assured.
Yet another creation in line with the _____ melodramas the director is so well known for, the latest effort is likely to have a similar effect: a tiny subset of the population will extol the deliberate pacing, while the majority will dismiss the film as soporific drivel.
The movie is comprised of several vignettes, each presenting a character along with his or her foil: a staid accountant shares an apartment with a (i)_____ musician; a tight-lipped divorcee on a cross-country roadtrip picks up a (ii)_____ hitchhiker; and finally, and perhaps most unconvincingly, an introverted mathematician falls in love with a (iii)_____ arriviste.
Keane argues that the political conditions during the early years of the United States were, if anything, (i)_____ to the formation of a nation united by one document: the Constitution. Rather, had it not been for a few men-Keane invokes the triumvirate of Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison-to (ii)_____ the Constitution, despite the seemingly implacable opposition of anti-Federalists, the central government would have had to (iii)_____ matters of rule to the individual states.
Special effects in movies are (i)_____, in that unlike the story, whose permutations seem to have long ago been (ii)_____, they continue to evolve: if we were magically beamed years into the future (of course that story has been told numerous times before), the special effects would (iii)_____; the story would be awfully familiar.
There is nothing more (i)_____ for first time writers to see that their cherished ideas are actually far less (ii)_____ than they had imagined. Often a publisher, or even a friend, will point out that another writer already captured the same plot twist, or created an almost identical fictional world. This feeling stings even greater when the publication of the neophyte writer`s work (iii)_____ that of the more popular author; apparently the public often erroneously believes that the lesser known writer`s work is derivative.
The contention that Hopkin`s extensive anthropological fieldwork led to a unified theory is (i)_____ – close scrutiny reveals a (ii)_____ of observations that, at times, even prove (iii)_____ one another.
Many philosophers are known for a single utterance, an (i)_____ saying that long outlives them. There is often (ii)_____ in this phenomenon. While most undergraduate philosophy students can quote the 18th Century philosopher David Hume as saying "Reason is the slave of the passions," David Hume himself actually consigned this?apothegm?to themarginalia?of his text. In all likelihood, he had (iii)_____ he had ever written any such thing.
While some maintain that the recent proliferation of uncredited web sources will have a(n) (i)_____ effect on scholarship, others argue that the effects will be far more (ii)_____, claiming that academics are sensible enough not to (iii)_____ unattributed sources.
Recent meteorological conditions in areas of the northeastern part of the country have been so (i)_____as to leave scientists (ii)_____. Even those models scientists developed to (iii)_____ these extreme outliers have been found wanting.
A school of conservationist thought that continues to gain traction in academic circles contends that despite the most noble of intentions, the U.S. National Parks and Forests Services has, in allowing for the uncurbed growth of trees within parks, contributed to the (i)_____ forest fires. While it is true that park rangers can respond to fires quickly, often such fires are far fiercer than in areas not so (ii)_____ trees and underbrush. That is not to say that all fires are deleterious: indeed forest fires play an appreciable role in the functioning of the ecosystem; they (iii)_____ the growth of trees so that any given area is less likely to become densely wooded.
The biographer who provides a (i)_____ of detail, even when those details are accurate, (ii)_____ of distorting reality; the greater the number of facts that have to be fashioned into a (iii)_____ narrative, the greater the chance that the narrative, regardless of how consistent, will in any number of ways fail to accord with what really happened.
That we can, from a piece of art, (i)_____ the unconscious urges of the artist-urges that remain hidden even from the artist himself-will remain a(n) (ii)_____ issue, as it is one (iii)_____ empirical analysis: we can never definitively know what is submerged deep inside the artist`s psyche, let alone reconcile any such revelations with the artist`s work.
While caffeine is well-known as a stimulant, few are aware that an excess of caffeine can actually have a _____ effect.
The citizens` movement had, to no avail, _____ the government to concede to its demands – eventually their earnest entreaties became nothing more than a silent protest.
Inspiration rarely leads to great writing unless coupled with a(n) _____ regimen, one which affords writers ample opportunities to experience a flash of insight.
If good taste has _____ the vampire genre tired and trite, the entertainment industry surely is not listening: for every bloodsucker baring fangs there is a hack baring some script.
The plucky election campaign has managed to _____ support from the most unlikely corners--even typically derelict voters are eyeing the voting booth with more than indifference.
During interrogation, the suspect affected a frightened persona, hoping that such a display of cravenness would deflect the authorities` suspicion, as they were looking for someone who had pulled off several very _____ crimes.
Imperilled by excessive logging activity, the Canadian snow goose is unusually sensitive to any encroachments into its territory, displaying a(n) _____ rare amongst waterfowl.


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