Fenton`s motives were clearly (i)_____ , yet Fenton tried, in the most ingratiating way, to (ii)_____ his innocence.
Mulcahy, in averring that most literary criticism has become so filled with abstruse jargon as to be practically indecipherable to anyone save its practitioners, is himself (i)_____: his main point will be discernible only to the very community he seeks to (ii)_____.
Whereas the incumbent`s opponents feverishly worked around the clock, digging up seemingly irrelevant information only to contort a(n) (i)_____ incident so that it appeared unequivocally damning, the incumbent himself resorted to no such (ii)_____ and preferred instead to calumniate his opponents during highly publicized debates.
Giacomo`s concerti, much like the composer himself, were a (i)_____ affair. Fits of passion would, without warning, give way to sudden idylls, as though the composer had been trying to (ii)_____ his inner conflicts. Only in his later works, which are far more abstract, does he eschew trying to capture his inner states.
For an obscure poet to have penned such a refined, poignant sonnet is not at all (i)_____. The sonnet, after all, has been a favored form for hundreds of years amongst the amateur and lionized alike. I would be (ii)_____, on the other hand, had not one, out of the sheer number produced during this time, surpassed Shakespeare on a bad day.
For all his (i)_____, Honore de Balzac?betrayed?a remarkable (ii)_____ to the plight of 19th century women, populating his novels with characters sympathetic to women`s rights.
Claire`s moods shifted drastically and unexpectedly – one moment she was (i)_____, chatting lively, the next she was (ii)_____, looking forlornly out of the window.
The term "robber barons", which refers to those powerful business moguls at the turn of the 19th Century, is hardly a(n) (i)_____, ?despite some of these robber barons outward gestures of philanthropy. Infamous for their insatiable (ii)_____, the robber barons were finally held in check by the ascendancy of a more powerful centralized government.
To critics the author`s latest work was (i)_____ ; with so few people purchasing the book, this reception proved to be (ii)_____.
Some minor governmental bungling in the environmental sector can (i)_____ what many watchdog organizations are declaiming as gross negligence: indeed entire swathes of once fertile land now gone barren (ii)_____ flaws in state policy.
While the aviators had hoped for no (i)_____ meteorological events, the weather became increasingly (ii)_____ , with wind tossing their plane as they crossed the Pacific.
In claiming that there are overarching commonalities among every culture, Jungenfreud perhaps (i)_____ his case: while there are most likely universal belief systems and recurrent myths spanning both time and civilizations, depending on the level of (ii)_____ of a scholar`s criteria, surely not all societies display the exact same characteristics--it is one thing to say that every people has an elaborate view of the afterlife (as Jungenfreud does); it is another to show uncanny parallels between the particulars of this afterlife (as Jungenfreud fails to do).
Unless the current practice of deforestation is (i)_____ by no less than a global committee, the world`s biodiversity will continue to (ii)_____, robbing posterity of potential pharmacological breakthroughs.
Hemingway`s imagination was nowhere near as (i)_____ as that of James Joyce – yet the latter published (ii)_____ works.
For someone so unjustifiably (i)_____ ?success, the recently installed CEO perhaps surprised very few when his series of impractical business solutions did not ?(ii)_____ the floundering firm.
By the beginning of the 20th Century, piano pedagogy had advanced fingering technique to such a degree that even students with a (i)_____ were able, with targeted practice, to execute thorny passages, while exuding the (ii)_____ of a polished salon pianist.
What is the greatest novel of all-time? Many top-100 lists have been proffered, purporting to resolve this very issue. Yet the (i)_____ those compiling these rankings suggests that any definitive list is not (ii)_____.
In Speak, Memory, Vladimir Nabokov`s autobiography, the author seems as (i)_____ an ornate prose style as with communicating, often in excruciating detail, the (ii)_____ of a singular life, describing his family`s fall from aristocracy following the Bolshevik Revolution.
Far less (i)_____ than her predecessor, the new superintendent remained (ii)_____, even on issues in which some form of compromise was expected.
There is a rising consensus amongst immunologists that the observed rise in allergies in the general population can be attributed to (i)_____ exposure to everyday germs. Known as the hygiene hypothesis, this counterintuitive idea could have far reaching implications-for one, we may now have to be more (ii)_____ those paternal prescriptions to scrub our children`s hands at every opportunity.


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