Baker set a new standard for explaining difficult art in language the public could understand; consequently, her books remain exemplars of _____ in art-historical analysis.
For parents, the pleasure of letting children choose which book to read aloud together is not always ____________: I well remembered my inner groans when my child would constantly pick my least favorite book from the shelf.
There has been (i)_____ elephant`s fabled mental capacities until recently, when these behavioral observations have begun to be (ii)____ by brain science. MRI scans of an elephant`s brain suggest that even relative to its overall size it has a large hippocampus, the component in the mammalian brain linked to memory and an important part of its limbic system, which is involved in precessing emotions.
Analysis for the structural feature that were thought to _____ kinship between the two species prompted an investigation that dispelled that presumption and revealed that the two share a family history.
Given that the department director was such a feeble contributor, sitting silently at important policy meetings and usually deferring to low-level aides, it was surprising that he had such a reputation for _____.

Although the claim that no one knows what dark matter is remains _____, some scientists dispute the parallel assertion that dark matter has not been detected.
Given the many thematic strands that the book seeks to draw together into a continuous cord of narrative, it is perforce work of ____________, which is not to say that the author`s research fails to provide sufficient detail about each of his chosen themes.
Observers of modern presidential campaigns who (i)_____ the highly (ii)_____ productions that pass for campaigns these days do sometimes find reason for hope in the occasional mix-ups that (iii)_____ candidates on the trail despite the presence of political strategist`s plotting every event with the tactical precision of military commanders.
Many Latin American writers and critics have come to bristle at the very mention of the type of fiction termed "magic realism", but to the common reader the appeal of such fiction is ____________.
Some climatologists dismiss as (i)_____ the debate among geophysicists over the role of carbon dioxide in global climate change across many millions of years. These climatologists say the evidence of a tie between carbon dioxide and planetary warming over the last few centuries is so (ii)_____ that any longer-term evidence against such a link must somehow be (iii)______.
Hyana Kusiemko and her colleagues speculate that the (i)_____ support among low-income works for increases in the minimum wage is a form of last-place aversion: people who are in a marginally better position than the worst off seek to (ii)_____ to distinguish themselves from those in last place.
The anthropologist ______ the claim that the Neanderthal remains must represent an immediate family because they belong to the same mitochondrial lineage, noting that some chimpanzees with identical mitochondrial are not closely related.
Because the writer emphasizes the (i)_____ of certain engineers whose contributions have been overlooked, her history of technology will not, like many of its predecessors, be a survey (ii)_____ the most celebrated achievements in the field.
Proffering one increasingly improbable scene character after another, (i)_____ by the constraint of realism, the novel revels in this (ii)_____ by ever more brazenly defying its readers` presumed expectations.
The assumption that children learn about science primarily in the classroom is so _____ that few scientists, educators or policymakers question it, despite an ever-growing body of evidence demonstrating that most science is learnt outside of school.
There are no ___________ criteria of excellence in art: works that once were ignored or even reviled now fetch millions of dollars at auction, while those that were most highly praised in their day now languish in storage.
Evidence has been accumulating since the 1930s that reducing an animals energy intake below its energy expenditure extends the life span and delays the (i)_____ of age-related diseases in rats, dogs, fish, and monkeys. Such results have inspired thousands of people to (ii)_____ in the hope of living longer, healthier lives. They have also led to a search for drugs that (iii)_____ the effects of calorie restriction without the pain of actually going on a diet.
Our mass media are much more fascinated by bad ideas or the failure of good ones than by successes: we drown in bad news-tales of how things went wrong--but we have only the most_____ discussion on how they might go right.
A few decades ago the idea of animal morality would have been met with __________; however, recent research suggests that animals not only act altruistically but also have the capacity for empathy, forgiveness, trust, and reciprocity.
Research note that wolves` otherwise strongly hierarchical society is marked by occasional displays of populist (i)_____: if a pack leader proves a too-snappish tyrant, subordinate wolves will (ii)_____ the top cur.


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