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Argument攻击套路10:非充要条件 收藏 纠错

作者: 发布时间:2022-08-10

In concluding that DR must hireAd Lib in order to ensure similar success throughout the country, the managerassumes thatAd Lib’s services are both necessary andsufficient for this purpose. Yet the manager hasnot provided any evidence to substantiate either assumption. Lackingsuch evidence, itis just as likely that some other ad agency would be equally or moreeffective. Evenif Ad Lib’s services are necessary to achieve the manager’s goal, it is entirelypossible that Ad Lib’s services would not suffice to ensure similarsuccess elsewhere—due to the sort of factors mentioned above that might havecontributed to the Megalopolis success but would not come into play in othercities.

Although a merger might benecessary to eliminate current confusion about which authority to contact forservices, the editorial overlooks the possibility that the merger will not in itselfsuffice to eliminate this confusion. Specifically, until the residents ofboth communities are apprised of the change and learn how to respondappropriately, confusion will continue—and perhaps even increase in the shortterm. Thus,some measure of community awareness and responsiveness might also be required for theelimination of confusion.


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