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Argument攻击套路6:整体规律用于个体 收藏 纠错

作者: 发布时间:2022-07-02

The nationwide study showing clear trends among two-income families toward dining out and eating healthily does notnecessarily apply to Bay City. It is quite possible that Bay City’s two-incomefamilies do notfollow these gereral trends. For that matter, in Bay City the trend might be just the opposite.Thus, thenationwide trends that the argument cites amount to scant evidence thatBay City residents in particular would frequent a new seafood restaurant intheir city.

The author unfairly assumes that the nationwide tendencyapplies specifically to Monroetown residents.Lacking evidence that Monroetownvoters reflectthis general tendency, it is entirely possible thatMonreotown residentsvote strictly according to their position on the issues.For thatmatter(同样), it is possible thatMonreotown voters tend strongly to vote against incunbent, in which case theauthor’s claim that Monreotown residents oppose Brown’s proposal would moreflagrantly fly in the face of the election results.

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