How many 4-digit numbers begin with an odd digit and end with an even digit ?


If the sum of four consecutive even integers is 340,then the average of the two larger integers is


The odds that a certain event will occur is the ratio of the probability that the event will occur to the probability that it will n...


If x + 2y = 2 and (x+y)^2 =9,which of the following is a possible value of y ?


In what month was gas use in one of the years nearly double that for the same month in the other year ?


If N is an integer and 99<N^2<200,then N could have at most how many values?


If one number is chosen at random from the first 1,000 positive integers,what is the probability that the number chosen is a multipl...


A certain doctor suggests that an individuall's daily water intake be 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight plus 8 ounces for every 25 ...


For how many of the countries shown was the savings rate more than 5 times the real GNP growth rate ?




  • TC-填空52%人做对

    Every illness is a story, and when Annies began it was characterized by the kinds of [b...

  • RC-阅读54%人做对

    The author of the passage mentions the "unique properties” of tree species primarily ...

  • QR-数学29%人做对

    In a survey, 100 travel agents each ranked Airlines A, B, and C in order of preference....

  • QR-数学59%人做对

    How many votes were cast in district X ?

  • TC-填空73%人做对

    Burke is often on slippery ground when it comes to her primary sources;especially [blan...

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