Climate change without the Arctic is a recognized_____ change elsewhere: around the world, ocean levels and daily weather are interconnected with the fortunes of a region that was, until recently, largely ignored.
In spite of being one of the world`s biggest _____ of fossil fuels, the firm has made some environmentally responsible investments.
The notion that the director is the center of the team has been ______, but in fact it has not been accepted by academia.
The paradoxical characteristic of the reliable employee Donna is her ______, as we consider her usual feigning illness to escape from her labor.
Though the play crackles with humor, the dialogue is less (i)_____ when it comes to the drama`s emotional core. There the players tend to spell out their emotions in (ii)_____ aphorisms, and repeat them as necessary.
If all stars are fiery gas balls like our own sun, and if the principle that the situation of our own solar system is not (i)_____ is (ii)_____, then one might think that many other stars should be surrounded by a retinue of planets and moons.
For Ruskin, architecture serves the community only when approached in a spirit of piety and (i)_____. Architecture must set effective boundaries to public space, and it does so by (ii)_____ the desire to show off, to stand out, to record the artistic flair of some temporary ego. Architecture succeeds in its public task through (iii)_____ and devotion, of the kind that can be observed in the moulding, firing and laying of a properly proportioned brick, but which is violated at every point by Frank Gehry`s bombastic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.
The fall of the monarchical order produced a score of fragile successor states in Europe that _____ ethnic discontent and revanchism. This (ii)_____, when fused with those states` inherent feebleness, make for power voids and political (iii)_____.
The use of retail coupons is commonly touted as a consumer benefit, discounting the price on an item; however, if the coupon relates to an item that the consumer neither needs nor wants, the discount is _____.
During the fifteenth century, three aspects of the mathematical sciences were usually singled out as _____: their preparatory value for the study of philosophy, their practical advantage for the community, and their antiquity.
Most of the drugs used to treat celiac disease that are now in development would not eliminate the need for a gluten-free diet but would help _____ symptoms when some gluten is unintentionally ingested.
It is true that science, and more particularly scientists, _____ cherished paradigms with great reluctance and that when they do, scientific revolutions may result.
Except for the special circumstance in which historians record events they themselves have witnessed, scholars can only obtain historical facts through ______ sources.
As a result of lacking a strong opposing organization to ______, the chief focused their rancor on one another at the conference where the issues were put forward and intended to be resolved.
Standard thermal evolution models of giant planets employ initial conditions that are, to some extent, arbitrarily chosen, selected more for computational expediency than for physical accuracy. Since eventually the initial conditions (i)_____ the evolving planet, this approach is more (ii)_____ for mature planets than it is for young planets.
The city`s traffic-planning department has been working hard to (i)______ drivers. Closely spaced stop lights have been added on roads into town, causing delays. Pedestrian underpasses designed to allow traffic to flow freely across major intersections have been (ii)______.
Gelles urges readers of Abigail Adams` letters to consider their (i)_____: in Adams` era women were denied a public persona separate from that of their husbands. That said, Gelles then (ii)_____ to promote Adams from a writer of private letters to a public figure, arguing that she was a significant force for change.
Computers` triumph in chess had been engineered not by creating machines that (i)_____ human thought, as most experts in artificial intelligence had expected, but by perfecting machines that played like machines. The analogy with flight is (ii)_____: as long as people tried to fly by imitating birds, attaching wings to their arms and flapping madly, they were (iii)_____ to fail. Once engineering escaped the paradigm of the familiar, however, people were soon flying much faster than birds.
Because the political situation seriously impeded international communication, French scientific research was at that time uncharacteristically _____.
Other monarchs have been accused by posterity of murder and treason without having come to be regarded with such _____, perhaps because the cases against them have never been satisfactorily proved.


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